About Good News Magazine

Good News Magazine

Good News Magazine (GNM) is a party-political and religiously independent community with a focus on goodness, conscious optimism and mindfulness. Our goal is to improve the world by spreading optimism and hope for the future. We want to inspire, inform and stimulate improvement.

At GNM we believe that what drives us people is the hope of a better future, the know-how and the desire for personal development. We want to provide our community with knowledge and highlight all the fantastic creativity, intelligence, engagement and goodness that exists in our world. At GNM we believe in the individual and the strength each of us possesses. By telling about how even a small, seemingly insignificant act can have great significance, we want to show that everyone can participate and influence the future. We want to be a forum for inspiration and well-being - for both the mind and the heart.


10 years ago, 2010, the financial manager Daniel Mendoza, and today owner, launched Good News Magazine in the form of a paper magazine. 20 editions were produced before production was paused in the autumn of 2016.

As of January 2019, Good News Magazine is something more, something bigger. Today, Good News Magazine is a community where everyone can take advantage of positive news and inspirational articles from different parts of the world via the website, the podcast, newsletters etc. We hope you want to join us on our mission!